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Master Collection: 8 Lightroom Presets Packs by Northlandscapes

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The Essential Collection: 20 Lightroom Presets


Dark & Dramatic Lightroom Presets


Forest Landscapes Lightroom Presets


Dark Light Tales Lightroom Presets


Black & White Lightroom Presets


Northlandscapes Signature Lightroom Presets


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Polar Landscapes Lightroom Presets


Smartphone Wallpaper Collection by Northlandscapes


Master Collection: All Capture One Stylepacks by Northlandscapes


The Essential Collection: 20 Capture One Styles


Forest Landscapes Capture One Styles


Black & White Capture One Styles


Photography Coaching by Northlandscapes

Antarctica – Sailing Expedition with the Bark Europa (Book)


About Me

I am a visual artist and fine art photographer based in Hamburg. My work focuses on atmospheric and abstract landscape photography of the North: Norway, Iceland, Greenland and beyond. – Read more about me, discover my fine art series, purchase fine art prints or download my latest Lightroom Presets or Capture One Styles.