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My key focus areas

I can help you identify a range of potential income sources for landscape and travel photographers, both active and “passive”. My background in online marketing and web design have been very advantageous to my business, and put me in a good position to guide you as you begin your self-promotion efforts. I can help you understand the different platforms and tools available and how to create a client-friendly website. I also offer hands-on instruction in post-production with Adobe Lightroom and general workflow improvements.

Business development and strategy consulting

  • A general overview on how you can earn money with travel and landscape photography (Traditional jobs and alternative/passive income sources like stock photography, e-books, fine art prints, Lightroom presets etc.)
  • Pricing: what are your photos worth? Settle on the right price and licensing model
  • How to get sponsored as a landscape & travel photographer

Website and social media: How to attract the right kind of clients

  • The perfect photography website- key elements for success and small changes you can make to improve your site immediately
  • How to use Behance and Adobe Portfolio for networking and client acquisition
  • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: use them to your benefit and avoid the pitfalls

Post-production with Adobe Lightroom

  • An introduction to artistic editing and fine art photography
  • How to achieve a cohesive, “signature” look people will recognize you for
  • The optimal workflow for landscape and travel photographers

NFTs (Non-Fungible Token)

  • Fundamentals of NFTs and what they mean to the photography world
  • How to set up a wallet and mint your collection on OpenSea or Foundation
  • Marketing for NFT photographers: Best practices

The nomadic working life as a landscape and travel photographer

  • My tips and tricks, gathered over 10 years as a digital nomad
  • How to combine active and passive income streams for ultimate freedom- accept only the projects that appeal to you, and work because you want to, not because you need to!

About me

I am a visual artist and fine art photographer based in Hamburg. My work focuses on atmospheric and abstract landscape photography of the North: Norway, Iceland, Greenland and beyond. – Read more about me, discover my fine art and landscape series, purchase fine art prints or download my Lightroom presets for landscape photography.

📌 For a detailed description and before and after examples, please visit my website. 📌

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