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The Essential Collection: 20 Capture One Styles

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πŸ“Œ For a detailed description and before and after examples, please visit my website. πŸ“Œ

If you're looking for the most universal style pack for your landscape photography, you have found it here.

Sometimes less is more: With this professional style pack, you'll be well equipped for the vast majority of landscape photography situations.

Based on my popular workflows for Adobe Lightroom and over 10 years of experience with Capture One and Lightroom, I've created this exciting product for landscape and travel photographers - professionals and amateurs alike.

20 Styles for Capture One / 6 Categories

Choose from 20 professional Capture One Styles for landscape photography, which are divided into six categories. Even though the names of the styles indicate the subject, it's worth taking an experimental approach: Often, styles from another category also lead to great results with just a few clicks, since color palettes in nature repeat themselves in many places.
  1. Moody (5 styles: M1-M5)
  2. Classic (4 styles: C1-C4)
  3. Forest (3 styles: F1-F3)
  4. Winter (3 styles: W1-W3)
  5. Sunrise & Sunset (2 styles: S1 and S2)
  6. Black & White (3 styles: BW1-BW3)
= 20 highly universal styles for landscape photography!

πŸ“· Before & After Examples

I tested all styles on a large number of photos from different camera manufacturers including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic and more as well as drones like the DJI Mavic 2 or Phantom series. β†’ Read all 75+ customer reviews Please note: Capture One Styles are only supported with Capture One 10.1.2 and newer versions.

01 / Moody Landscapes

Five Capture One Styles for moody landscapes that are not about blue skies and sunshine. The styles unfold their full potential in scenes with clouds, fog or overcast skies - a look at my landscape portfolio will give you a good indication of the type of motifs.

02 / Classic Landscapes

The four Capture One Styles in the Classic collection have the most universal character and work for a high number of different landscape types, seasons and times of day. The different looks are rather subtle in nature. The styles often achieve wonderful results in documentary, architecture and travel photography as well.

03 / Forest Landscapes

A total of three styles that work well for a variety of forest landscapes of the temperate climate range in all seasons except winter: Dense and dark fir forests, misty coastal woodlands, lush green spring forests or abstract macro details such as lichen, foliage and mushrooms. The special focus is on the green and brown tones of forest vegetation.

04 / Winter Landscapes

These three styles are ideal for snow-covered landscapes or polar landscapes dominated by ice, rocks and glaciers. The special focus is on the cool tones of blue and aquamarine. The styles work best for scenes with cloudy or overcast skies, as this is where the blue hue of the ice comes out best.

05 / Sunset and Sunrise

These two Capture One Styles are designed for the special color palette of sunrises and sunsets. The first style (S1) intensifies the warm tones and increases the contrast and the second style (S2) applies a subtle orange and teal look.

06 / Black & White Landscapes

3 universal black and white looks complete this collection of Capture One Styles for landscape photography: Achieve appealing black and white images with deep, rich blacks and high contrast in just a few clicks.

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